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Home Comforts

Chris Spowage

We thought you might be interested in learning more about our new home comforts range that is going down a storm with our customers. They are designed for each room of your home in mind with some stunning fragrances available.

There are Fragrance Oils, Room Perfumes and Simmering Granules to choose from and we think the simmering granules are the best we have ever come across, you must give them a try. With no water or candles needed, you use them like you would Potpourri or put a few granules in a love letter or card to make it extra special.

Back in stock we have our most popular Tumblestones Tiger Eye which can also be found in out Birthstone collection along with others. Did you know Tiger Eye can help with anxiety and also can be used to re-energise and purify other crystals when placed next to them. It really is a stone you should have in your collection or just in your pocket to bring calm and peace to your aura.

Spring is on the way and that is a great time to bring out those crystals you have and give them a good clean. They love natural running water if you live near a fresh water stream but you can use tap water. They will then need a boost in energy which can be done in several ways but I like just to pop them in sunlight for a few hours and then lay them around some Clear Quartz.

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