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5 Ways to lead a happy, healthy, long life.

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Leading a healthy lifestyle pairs well with being at peace with your life and mindset. Below are our top 5 ways you can lead a healthy, happy lifestyle.

1 - Eat healthy
Healthy dieting has become less popular with today's fast foods and ready made meals, but eating healthy is cheaper and easy!
Try consuming foods like nuts, yoghurt, fruits and low-fat dairy products, try to have 3 meals a day and get into a habit of eating regularly.
Not only will this lower your cholesterol and make you lose weight, but you'll build muscle faster and be in a much happier mindset!

2 - Get into a regular sleeping routine
Obviously sleeping is crucial to our lifestyle, but a regular sleeping pattern is important! Those with insomnia can often find themselves upset, agitated and weak, as well as being physically less fit than others. Try to drink a glass of water before bed as well as getting off any phones or computers, and you'll find yourself sleeping a lot easier.

3 - Get into meditation
Meditating is overlooked by many, but clarity of the mind and body is essential. It helps us think clearer and faster, relaxes you and gets you ready for either the end or the beginning of a day. Try to meditate once at sunrise and once at sunset and you will find yourself closer to the earth and your body and mind more connected.

4 - Have clear goals
Everyone needs goals, and setting them is important so you can actually achieve them. It doesn't have to be rocket science! Set a goal to get an A on your test, set a goal
to recycle more, even set a goal to do something on this list! Goals keep us going and keep us fulfilled, giving a clear view of what we want to achieve.

5 - Don't take things for granted.
With all the technology in the world and how fast it's rising it's easy to overlook what we have. Be happy with what you have! Try to look closer and your possessions and life,
and you will find yourself being more thankful and greatful, spending less money and living more conservatively.

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