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Zodiac - What does your sign mean ?

Lawrence Banks

For a long time, people known and believed in zodiac signs. Do you know what yours means?

First, Zodiac signs are signed to the months you were born in. You can find a list here .

Now that you know , or knew, your zodiac sign, do you know what it means?

Aries - The Ram. Aeries are usually adaptive, creative and thoughtful. Thought to be spontaneous, and even sometimes rash, they are often ambitious and over-achievers! Aeries are likely to have fantastic humor and a fiery, sparky personality.

Taurus - The Bull. Taurus are all about the bull's characteristics ,  you are defensive and sometimes even stubborn! However, the bull is a very fair animal, and you are also loving, and appreciating, and a lot of the time you are patient and efficient.

Gemini - The Twins. Gemini represent flexibility, balance and unpredictability, hence the nickname the twins! You can quickly turn from naughty to nice , or the other way around. However, you also have the ability to be very imaginative and you can look at things from multiple perspectives, making you fair and just.

Cancer - The Crab. Like the crab, you like to stay in 1 place! You love home, friends and family and you love to stay with them. You love history, ancestry,  and your even naturally attracted to nature and therefore holistic healing ! ( Who knows, maybe that's why your here! )

Leo - The Lion. I myself am a Leo! Leo is about expanse, power and leadership. Leos are natural born leaders, and can be vocal and defensive. This also makes them fearless, brave, and potentially dangerous to challenge!

Virgo - The Virgin . Virgo's are keen, calm and collected. You are very sociable , and sometimes even to an advantage - you can be deceptive and deceitful, but most of the time you are curios and analytical.

Libra - The Scales. Just like the scales, Libra are balanced and revolve around justice and stability. This makes you understanding , thoughtful, insightful and caring!

Scorpio - The Scorpion. Often misunderstood, you are bold , capable and particularly good at solving hard problems! You are great at surpassing expectations and have brilliant focus, sometimes to a fault in that you like to work alone!

Sagittarius - The Centuar . You are much like the Scorpio, you have fantastic focus and your accurate in your statements and goals. You don't like to waste a lot of time, you like fast results and to get things done quickly. You HATE to fail and therefore are usually very successful! 

Capricorn - The Goat. Just like the goat, you are highly intelligent!  You like to maintain stability, order, and you are a very purpose-driven being. You maybe don't take criticism too well, but you are patient and persevering. 

Aquarius - The Water Bearer. Aquarius can be simple and calm-minded. You are often quiet and stay out of others way, and like to do things alone. You are however honest, loyal, intelligent and loving. You can sometimes be prone to laziness and sloth,  however you are great at motivating yourself and others.

Pisces - The Fish. Much like Aquarius, the Pisces deal with acquiring  knowledge. You love to learn in all ways, reading, watching or doing! You are honest, generous and you can be trusted by many. Unlike Virgo, you can however be fooled easily and you are sometimes too gullible!

And there you have it! Your Zodiac sign and what it means. Was yours accurate? Mine was!

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