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New reward program!

Chris Spowage

Just a short post for those who didn't get the memo.
We have started a new reward program. We value you, the customer, and because of that you can now earn rewards!
To partake in the new program, you have to follow a few steps first!
First , login to your account on our website, or if you don't have an account, make one!
Then, at the bottom right of the screen, click 'Earn Rewards'
There are a few ways to earn points. First of all you can earn 10 points for each £1 you spend in store! If you refer a friend to the store ( using the link provided if you click refer a friend ) you will earn 50 points, and if you like our Facebook page you will get 25 points!
Points are used for discounts in store! Every 500 points grabs you £5 off!
So you've heard the new system - now get stacking!

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