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3 Health Benefits of Burning Incense

Chris Spowage

Incense are know by many - and are especially famous for having great properties and smelling amazing. But what exactly are their uses in holistic healing?
1 - Creativity
Well, first of all, Incense have proven great at boosting creativity. Many artists and writers frequently burn incense around their houses to stimulate the brain and get creative energy. This seems to have something to do with incense relaxing you, and reliving you from negative thoughts, letting you focus on your work.
2 - Headaches
Much like creativity, Incense relax your mind and muscles. Many headaches are caused by the forehead muscle, so relaxing that muscle is a fantastic way to relive headaches. Funny enough, incense do just that! Light an incense, lay back and close your eyes as your headache fades away!
3 - Concentration and motivation
Again much like the other 2, incense provide useful in boosting your concentration capabilities. Burning incense can clear your mind and grant clarity, which in turn leads to concentration boosts. This can also motivate you, as having a clear mind gives the feeling of capability, which means you'll feel more motivated! Great!
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