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4 Ways You Can Save The Earth

Chris Spowage

Now that Earth Day 2016 is over, it's the time to put what world leaders said into action. It's common knowledge the earth is suffering - and we need it! The Earth is where our beautiful natural crystals come from, and everyone loves them don't they? So, how can you help the world?


Recycling is key to saving the planet. Making things like plastic is damaging to the environment, so if we don't have to make as much, then it's a lot easier on our planet. Throw all your cans, plastic, wrappers into a bag and drop them in your recycling bin and you're on your way to helping the earth!
Use alternative / fewer chemicals
Chemicals, especially Aerosol are damaging to the ozone layer. Using alternative cleaning compounds ( They are usually marked with a green symbol, or they will claim they are greener ! ) really makes a big difference in preserving our ozone layer.
Preserve water
Water is something a lot of people take for granted, and there's only so much of it on earth! Preserving water can reduce the strain we have on the earth. Do you leave the tap running while brushing your teeth? Do you only do a small amount of washing at a time? Have any leaks your not getting fixed? All these things waste a lot of water, and you can stop it right now!
Don't litter
Many of us just throw away wrappers and rubbish without thinking where it goes. Try to assort your rubbish properly, recycle items that can be recycled, and put landfill waste in correct bins. Certainly don't throw ANYTHING on the floor, as that can be incredibly damaging to wild habitats and wildlife!
Are you motivated to help save the planet after earth day? We certainly are!
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