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What does your birthstone mean?

Chris Spowage

If you read our blog, you know what your Zodiac means. Now it's time to find out what your birthstone means! Birthstones have been around a long time, and the idea is they represent something about the person born in a specific month. Find out yours below!
January - Garnet
Garnet is a colourful gem that can be found in green, yellow , red and orange that stands for perseverance, patience, consistency and truth. Many believe the garnet protects the holder from nightmares, and are also used in healing!
February - Amethyst
We of all people know a lot about Amethyst! Amethyst is a purple stone linked closely to healthiness, a clear mind and peace. Amethyst is a symbol of protection, and encourages self control, helping with addictions, grants peace of the mind and brings emotional stability.
March - Aquamarine
A very iconic gem, Aquamarine is a aqua coloured gem that is know for giving inspiration, wisdom, knowledge and self-reflection. It grants the user superior clarity and protects from negative energy while drawing positivity!
April - Diamond
The April birthstone, perhaps the most symbolic of all is the famous Diamond. For those born in April, the diamond is associated with love , 'everlasting affection', and commitment. Perhaps that's the reason we use it in wedding rings!
May - Emerald
The May birthstone, is a green gem known as Emerald. Emerald is used within the healing process, but mostly brings happiness, perseverance and success. As well as bringing the above, it is also thought to signify honesty, intelligence and patience.
June - Alexandrite
Alexandrite is a beautiful rare gemstone known for it's breathtaking ability to change colour! When held up to light, the gem changes from Green to Red or Pink! Alexandrite is known for bringing luck,love and respect.
July - Ruby
July's birthstone is none other then the famous Ruby! A fantastic red gem, the ruby is known as the 'King of gems' and is strongly believed to protect from bad thoughts and evil. The deep, detailed colour of the ruby is also thought to represent passion and love. The ruby is also great at drawing and increasing energy!
August - Peridot
The Peridot is amazing light-green gem, also known as the 'evening emerald' known to signify innocence, a good heart, and a strong mind. Many believe that these crystals were found in volcanic ashes, and were in fact the tears of a goddess of volcanoes known as Pele ( Not the football player!)
September - Sapphire
Sapphire is a breathtaking blue gem which is meant to signify faith, honesty , intellect and wisdom. It is commonly used to grant clarity of the body and increase ones spirituality and faith. Sapphire, while originally blue can actually be found in other colours like pink!
October - Opal
Opal is a fantastic multi-colour gem, which often stands for purity, hope and faith. Opal come in a wide variety of colours, usually ranging from at-least 3 different colours, which can be orange, blue , yellow, pink or red. The colour is thought to be a representative of October-born people - unpredictable and fascinating!
November - Citrine
Citrine is a yellow quartz type gem, and is commonly known as the stone of the mind, for good reason! Citrine helps grant mental clarity, and mental stability by balancing your energy and collecting positive energy while nullifying negative emotions and thoughts!
December - Blue Topaz
The Blue Topaz is known to represent strength, vitality, persistence and mental fortitude, fortune and good luck. Some believe it's deep blue colour cools the holders mind, preventing negative emotions and calming the user.
Now you know! What's your birthstone? Does it fit well for you?
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