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How to spend your Sunday in style!

Chris Spowage

Sunday is that day where your still in weekend mode but you know there's something you have to do tomorrow! So, here's 3 tips on how you can have a relaxing Sunday.
Sun-Day! It's called sun-day for a reason! It's not always sunny on a Sunday, but when it is, try to break-free from technology like computers and the tv, and relax in the sun in your back-garden, or even in a local park! Enjoy and experience the weather, and don't take nature for granted!
Sounds fairly obvious, but how can you relax yourself? Well, first of all, just forget about anything you have to do (Unless it's very important!) and take your mind off chores and work and onto clearing your mind. Healing crystals can grant mental clarity, and incense can help slow the heart rate and calm your mind. A few deep breaths and your stress will fade away!
Get relax-gear!
Relaxing is easy with the right ammunition! Get some cosy drinks, lemonade, fruit juices, squashes, or even get some of our healing crystals or incense to help out! They look even better in the light you know!
There! Now get relaxing!
For those interested, here's a link to our store for healing crystals or incense.

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