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Our top 5 crystal picks!

Chris Spowage

Healing crystals are always fantastic, they come with many different properties in many different shapes and forms.
But, we do have a few favouraite crystals, but what are they? You're about to find out!
5 - Amethyst Cluster Crystal
Amethyst is always an amazing crystal to be in posession of, but the cluster just makes it that much more beautiful! Amethyst Clusters can range in size, they can be the size of a orange or the size of a melon! They are known as the stones of spirituality, and are well known for helping with addictions , aswell as calming and smoothing the emotions.
4 - Blue Calcite Crystal
Blue Calcite crystals are defintley an eye-catching crystal. They come with a semi-transparent blue and white tint, looking slightly like a diamond! Blue Calcite are known to help increase psychic abilities, assisting in astral travel, and also brings about stability. They are widely used in natrual healing for things like stimulating the metabolism, strengthening the immune system, and even stabilizing the heart!
3 - Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli truly look fantastic, almost like a brilliantly blue stained piece of stone. In crystal healing, Lapis Lazuli assists with opening the Chakra of the heart, granting piece of mind and opening one to wisdom and responsability. It enchances communication with the higher self, and strenghtens the mind and body. Wow!
2 - Selenite Crystal
The Selenite Crystal looks like a clouded piece of glass, which comes in long, thin crystals. In crystal helaing it's used for clearing and unblocking chakras and to heal your physhical body. It grants mental clarity and helps one acsess angelic guidance, and instills a deep piece of mind, body and soul.
1 - White Quartz Geode Rough Healing Crystal
Another fantastic looking crystla, White Quartz Gedode has a beautiful inner white look, which really catches the light in a fantastic way. The White Quartz Geode is used to activate the energy centres of the body known as Chakras. It aids in purifying the mental and physhical spiritual bodies. Not only that, but they look fantastic. Again these crystals can range between around 6x5x4cm to around the size of a watermelon!
Well, that's our top 5 crystal picks. If your interested in learning more about these crystals or buying some, visit our store at

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