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What is a chakra?

Chris Spowage

For a long time now, people everywhere , including ourselves here at CWS Healing have mentioned the word 'Chakra' , particularly in sentences like " This product will help unblock your chakra ". But, what exactly are chakras?
The Sanskrit word Chakra translates to the word Wheel. In natural healing, this usually refers to what is known as a wheel of energy around your body, or a point of energy. There are a few different chakras in your body, leading from your spine to your head.
Why are chakras important?
Chakras are important for a few different reasons, first of all they are thought to relate directly to the body's nerve centres and organs closely, as well as our mental well-being. This means that blocked charades can be quite bad, as we need our energy to stay moving and healthy. Think of a water wheel generator. As long as the wheel is open and flowing, it generates energy, but if it closes, the energy stops. Our bodies are much like that in terms of Chakras!
The 7 Main Chakras
Their are 7 main chakras, first of which being the 3 Chakras of Matter.
The first of the 3 chakras is the Muladhara , the Chakra of stability and security. When this chakra is open, we feel safe and fearless!
The second is the Svadhisthana chakra, which is means for creativity. This is responsible for creativity, and so when it is open we feel creative.
The third chakra of matter is the Manipura chakra, this is known to be a source of personal power.
The next Chakra, the fourth Chakra or Anahata is all about emotions, the body , the mind and the spirit, this is also known as the Heart chakra and is crucial to keep open.
The fifth through seventh chakras are also known as the chakras of spirit. First of these, the Vishuddha chakra or Throat Chakra is our source of expression and the ability to speak the truth. When it's open we are more clear-thinking and expressive.
The Sixth chakra , the Ajna or the Third Eye is the intuition and discovery chakra, this can also be refereed to as " the voice inside your head " , as we all have it but sometimes we don't listen to it. Unblocking the Ajna allows us total mental clarity and straight thinking¬
The final chakra, the Sahaswara is at the top of our head, and refers to enlightenment and connection to the divine. It's important to keep this unblocked - as it all starts here!
There you have it! There's a little information on what chakras are and why they are so crucial. If you ever need help unblocking a chakra, see our store at !

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