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All About Peridot

Chris Spowage

If you follow us on social media, you might notice we are pretty happy to get our hands on some peridot. But what exactly is peridot? Why is it so valuable? Wonder no more!

Peridot is an increasingly rare gemstone that dates back to the Egyptians wearing it as jewellery. Large deposits of it have been mined, making it increasingly rare.
Peridot is also a very high quality, popular and pretty gemstone, especially newer mined versions of it.
It is quite fragile, has low hardness and is prone to scratches, so if you have a peridot gem take good care of it!
Peridot comes for igneous environments, meaning they are formed within the mantle section of the earth and brought to higher, reachable ground through volcanic activity.

When it comes to healing, Peridot is fantastic at creating integration of love and will, and assist us in achieving our hearts desires. It is also a stone of financial and spiritual abundance attracting and creating our most important inner visions!


There you have it, that's why we love peridot so much! As it happens, we have some peridot with us in stock, get some while you can!

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