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Dream Catchers - What are they?

Chris Spowage

As you may or may not know, we sell dream catchers, and we love selling them!
But some people must wonder- what are they? Where do they come from? Look no further, it's all explained below!

Dream catchers are a native american tradition, originally founded with the intent to protect those who are sleeping from negative energies and dreams, and only allowing positive energies and dreams to get through, like a dream filter! Positive dreams are thought to slip through the hole in the centre of the catcher, and negative ones get caught like a fly in a web.

Dream catchers have been a tradition for a very long time and they came around for a simple reason - the air! Native Americans believed bad and good dreams float around in the night air, and dream catchers filter the air and catch only the good ones - while the bad dreams are caught and evaporated by daylight.

There you have it - that's how dream catchers came around and what they stand for. Interested in one?

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