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A Little Bit About Me

Chris Spowage

This is my first blog post so I thought I would write a bit about myself as an introduction to all that read this.

I have been a Spiritualist for about ten years now although I have had experiences of Spirit since my childhood. My main interest is in the Healing side of Spiritualism, wanting to help others seemed the right path for me to take so five years ago I embarked on a SNU (Spiritualist National Union) H1 Healing course through my local Spiritualist Church in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England.

One hundred weeks of practical training, eight lengthy sections of written course work examined by a course tutor, four intense weekend workshops and finally an assessment day of all that I had learnt throughout the course in front of a panel of assessors.

I passed my H1 course in Spiritual Healing achieving a grade A.  As you can see this course is not taken lightly and rightly so as Healing is such an important part of Spiritualism and must be taken seriously.

I must point out that Crystal Healing and the art of Tarot Card Reading is not a part of the religion of Spiritualism.  My own personal opinion of this is yes I agree and respect that they do not have a part in the religion of Spiritualism.  Personally I feel that Crystal Healing is a tool to quieten the mind, body and Spirit of the patient, this in turn frees a pathway for the Healing energies from Spirit or crystals to go to work.

Tarot card reading is an art that has nothing to do with Spiritualism and works on a Psychic level.  This I have also learnt over several years and it still amazes me today how accurate it can be.  More information on all the services that I offer, how to book and more on the Religion of Spiritualism can be found by clicking on the corresponding links on the top of this page.

Why do I do this?

This all came about because of me being unemployable due to having bone cancer; no one wants to know you with the big C hanging over you. When I was first diagnosed I got told I had 3 - 5 years left, and within 6 months I would be permanently in a wheelchair. Well that was a blow and for a while I accepted what the hospital had told me.

I have always been able to see and hear Spirit from a very young age and one day I got told to go to the Sleaford Spiritualist Church, I don't know who by, but that was all I got. I had been to other Churches, so my wife and I went one Sunday, from the service we were informed about Spiritual Healing on a Wednesday.

Thanks to my wife's support who encouraged me to go one Wednesday we did and at the time I did not believe that it would make any difference to me at all. I came out thinking what a waste of time that was, but they did inform me that I may not feel any different until I had been a few times.

Well I did keep going and quite enjoyed it. I also went most Sunday's and on two different occasions I got told from the medium that I was a healer and to look into it. I did look into it and two years of training later I qualified as a SNU Approved Spiritual Healer.

I am no way cured and if I try to do too much I know about it and have some really bad days but the point is, I walk with a stick, so no wheelchair, and I am still alive and kicking.

Now I feel it is my turn to give back to others the help and support I have had through Spiritual Healing and so I started this website;

I don't charge for Spiritual Healing and never will but with not working and benefits being cut by the government it was taking a toll on finances running the website and buying things like a massage table for patients to sit or lay on when I gave healing. To cover this cost and get back some money that this government had taken from us I started to sell Natural Crystals which can help people with healing. This then went on to other things all natural or handmade, see my website store for what I sell.

My patients love the Crystals and the store in general but the point I would like to make is that I need your help in spreading the word about the Spiritual Healing side of things. It's important to me to offer help to others who are in the situation where I was for so long with no real hope for the future and living in constant pain.

Spiritual Healing or I cannot cure but working together we can make a huge difference to people's lives.

Now all I am asking is that you tell anyone you know who could do with some help and support in their lives about me and this website. Help me to spread the word of Spiritual Healing by liking my Facebook page, liking my website and posting links to my site all over the internet and in your emails. Together we can make a difference.

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