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3 Things that will improve your summer!

Chris Spowage

Summer - it's the time of year for relaxation in the sun, fun activities and meeting people. There's great summers and average ones - here's 3 tips to improve your summer!
1 - Don't be shy!
Summer is a great ice-breaker, that's why there's so much sun! Summer is the perfect time of year to meet new people. At the beach, at a sports club, anywhere, summer is a great method of meeting people! Not only that, but summer is also much more enjoyable with friends!
2 - Go out!
You might have a break from school, college, university or you might have taken some time off work - regardless, although sleeping in is nice, don't do it! Summer is short and sweet ( Which is ironic, because summer days are longer!), so make sure you do something every day! Learn an instrument, go to the beach, learn a sport, anything, base each day off doing something new or different!
3 - Take care of your health!
A lot of summers are ruined when people don't take care of their health. General injuries like broken legs or ankles can ruin a summer, even strains or sprains, maybe even just a stomach pain - but a lot can get in the way of your fun day! Make sure to eat well, particularly eating healthy is important, too. Make sure not to push yourself too much or do anything dangerous!
There it is , follow these 3 things and your sure for a good summer to come!

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