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Absent Healing

Chris Spowage

Absent Healing is a form of Spiritual Healing, whereas the name suggests the patient is not present with the Healing Medium.

It works by the Healing Medium sending positive thoughts and prayers direct to the patient.  With this form of Healing it does not matter if you live next door to the Healing Medium or on the other side of the world.  This is a form of Healing open to everyone.

It’s not essential but the idea behind this form of Healing, is that it can be done where the patient and Healer no matter where they are in the world can sit or lay down in a quiet and relaxed state at the same time, so a strong connection can be made between them.  You may not have heard of it but this is where the Healing hour comes into play.  The Healing hour was thought of many years ago so patients and Healers could make this strong connection and a time was arranged so healing could be given to the patient, but also healing could be sent out into the world to go to where ever it may be needed by the Healer and also the patient.

In fact you don’t have to be a Healer to send out Healing, anyone can do it just by relaxing for a minute or two, closing your eyes and just ask in your head or out loud, for Healing and Peace to be sent out into the world.  That’s all there is to it and you can use this time to send out positive thoughts and Healing to your family and friends also.

The Healing hour here in England is at 10:00pm and this is the time I would send Healing out to all that are in need of it.  Understand that you may not be able to take time out to sit or lay down, close your eyes and relax for a few minutes, depending on where you live in the world or how busy you are at the time. Like I said earlier it’s not essential but perhaps when you go to bed at night, just before you drop off to sleep, try then to connect with your healer by saying there name and asking for Healing. If you don’t have a healer that’s not a problem just ask Spirit and the Angels for help and support.



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