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Your Angel Feelings

Chris Spowage

Below is a copy of a piece of writing that came to me a little time ago when I was thinking of a friend of mine who was going through a hard time in life. I am no writer or poet this just came to me from Spirit so I wrote it down.

I think it could help other people not just my friend so here it is and I hope you like it,.

Your Angel Feelings

Feel a sense of peace as you lay down and close your eyes.

Ask for help in your mind and feel a warmth as your Angel draws close.

Feel your heart begin to flutter like a butterfly as your Angel enters your aura.

Offload your burdens onto your Angel and feel a sense of release.

Your mind begin to slow as you feel the need to listen.

You hear no words yet your mind feels at ease.

Sense a lightness, embrace your body giving your mind a reminder what it feels like to be a child in the arms of God.

Your conscience tells you it must end, yet you wish it never does.

Words can’t describe the love you feel as everything else in the world melts away.

This moment is yours and your Angels, a moment you will never forget.

The time comes for you to part but you hold onto a glow in the deepest part of your soul a glow that never dims.

Feel your energy boost enough to last you until the next time you meet your Angel.

Know that you can call upon your Angel any time just ask your Angel to come close.

Your Angel will never leave your side nor will the feelings ever dim when you ask for help and support from your Angel.

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