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4 Health Benefits massages could give you!

Chris Spowage

Everyone knows what a massage is, but do you know how they work, as well as the benefits of them? If you don't, or even if you do, carry on reading!

First of all, massages have existed for a long time now, a practice which started roughly in 3000 BCE* in India. The idea behind a massage is that our bodies, specifically where muscles are, tend to generate Knots, which can be caused by a number of factors including stress and strain. Massaging is a practice in which they hope to untie and loosen these knots, making you feel more free, as well as giving several health benefits!

1 - Relaxation
Commonly known to everyone, relaxation is amongst the biggest advantages of massaging. Massages have been proven to entrance the body in a state of relaxation, putting the body into what is known as the " rest and recovery " mode! This effect can carry on even after the massage is over - meaning massages produce prolonged relaxation!
2 - Improves your posture
Massages have also been known to improve your posture! Removing and untangling these knots has been shown to overall improve the posture, specifically when a massage on the back and neck is undergone. This reduces common problems like back, neck and hip problems, reduces the overall strain on muscles and can even result in stronger bones!
3 - Relieves Migraines and Headaches
For a long time, people have wanted cures for migraines and headaches , a seemingly difficult task to accomplish. However, massages have been shown to reduce headaches and even stop recurring migraines! People who suffer from recurring migraines claim that frequent head-massages drastically reduce the number of headaches they get, a lot of these headaches are caused by muscles in the forehead, and so massages can help!
Improving the circulation
Amazingly, massages have also been shown to improving the overall circulation of the body! The process of a massage seems to aid moving blood through congested areas, making it move smoothly. This, in turn, can lower your blood-pressure, and overall improve your bodies performance, even in sports!
These examples of massage's many amazing properties are only just scratching the surface! There are many more benefits!
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