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How To Use Crystals

Chris Spowage

There are many ways you can use natural healing crystals and each person will find their own way that feels right for them. I can tell you how I started to use them which might benefit a new user.

The first thing and probably the hardest is to choose the crystal you want to use, every crystal has different properties and therefore help you in a variety of different ways. The main thing is to decide what you are in need of most. Most people will start this procedure by making a list in their mind. This is not a good idea as the most beneficial thing to do is to take it one step at a time and focus on one thing.

Now you know the most important thing you want help with. For example I will use myself and the fact that I don’t sleep very well, when I do eventually sleep I wake up with a headache, this was becoming a real problem for me at the time. Now we need a crystal that can help with this, it’s a case of a bit of research. There a hundreds of books and websites that can help with this, but you need help now not after days of research I hear you say.

Ok this is what I did, the first time I tried to research natural healing crystals for help and I hope it works for you. I asked Spirit for help and guidance in finding what would be right for me. I did a Google search for healing crystals, clicked on a few websites, none of which made me go any further than their homepage. Nothing jumped out at me and what little bit I read had nothing to do with crystals, I am a bit impatient, if I don’t see what I need straight away I give up and move on.

On page four of Google’s search results I saw the following. “crystals and how they can help you” GREAT, so I clicked on it, a page full of crystals loaded, right I thought where do I go from here, so again I asked spirit for help in my mind. I came across a Amethyst Cluster on the site, small but it looked really nice. I clicked on it and read some info about how it could help. Sure enough it mentioned helping you sleep and helping with headaches. The by now button was clicked and I was patiently waiting (NOT) for it to come through the post.

That first night I went to bed, amethyst cluster in hand, not knowing really what to do with it I lovingly placed it at the side of my bed, did it work you ask? Not at all! At the time I thought to myself “what a load of rubbish”. About three months later I ended up going to a local mind body spirit event, I found myself listening to a stallholder and a customer about placing the crystals on the body. After their chat had finished I asked what I could do and his answer was to place it under my pillow. Along with this I should imagine the energies of the crystal rising up from my pillow and softly melting into and around my head. This is what I did for the next two nights, with no luck what so ever! So I gave up. (IMPATIENT AGAIN) I then forgot all about it.

About six months later I was helping my wife change the bed when I saw the Amethyst Cluster, my wife had been lovingly placing it under my pillow every time she changed the bed, and I was completely unaware of this. For the past three months I had been sleeping fine with no more headaches. I thought it has just disappeared but after all maybe it was the crystal, I suppose we will never know for sure, but after that I have used natural healing crystals many times for different things and they have never let me down.

So to conclude;

Ask Spirit, Angels, God, whoever you believe in.

Go with the crystal you are drawn to, not what people say you should get. They can all work in different ways for different people.

If you are going to a shop physically and not ordering online, pick one up in your hand and see which ones feel the most comfortable for you.

Place on or near the body part that is affected or for things like protection against negative energies, carry it in your pocket or purse.

Be patient and believe in the power of your crystals.

Look after your crystals! I will write about how to do this some other time.

Have a look at our range of Natural Healing Crystals, you never know you might just be drawn to one, Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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