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Ever wondered how crystals are formed ?

Chris Spowage

Crystals - amazing looking and immense healing properties. One of our favoured things to sell to the holistic healing community, Crystals are truly amazing, and here's how they are formed!


First of all, the earth's crust makes up a large part of crystals forming, yet it only makes up 0.4% of the earth! The earth's crust is made up of Oxygen, Silicon, Aluminium, Iron, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium. The earth's crust is 35KM thick!
Minerals are known to us to be these magic things in our food that make it healthy, like Calcium. However, minerals are commonly found in the crust, and there are over 3000 minerals! Minerals are made of Chemical compounds, and stored into 8 groups.
Now that you know what minerals are and what the earth's crust is, here's how crystals are made! First of all, crystals, strictly speaking, are the same thing as Minerals! Crystals in short are minerals that grow longer and into the shape that they naturally grow into if they are not disturbed. The process, called Crystallisation, is when liquid rock or 'Magma' cools. Sometimes just rock is created, but if it cools slow enough, Crystals can form! Many crystals, especially rare ones like Diamonds, Rubies and Emeralds are formed in this manor. The shape of the crystal lets us know what mineral it is made from, as well as the colour and dexterity of the crystal. Crystal growing is a long process, and most natural crystals on earth were formed millions of years ago!
And that's what crystals are and how they are formed! Check out our crystal collection at !

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