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Chinese have used Feng Shui for thousands of years and it have many uses. Nowadays people of all religions and races seem to use some form of Feng Shui, ranging from traditional methods, to finding the correct position of doorways and windows while designing new buildings especially religious structures to create the perfect space within the home by items being placed and faced in the right spot to create a harmonious peaceful space in line with the energies of their surroundings.

Some crystal healers now use Feng Shui Quartz Sets produced using clear Quartz with the ancient Chinese symbols on them to assist the healer to drawing and releasing the energies from the harmonious surroundings and the other crystals used in the process. They also use them to help position their other crystals in the best possible place to maximise the energy absorbed,enabling re-energising of the crystals.

Using Feng Shui Quartz Sets without the aid of other crystals can create a very pleasant and uplifting experience for the user as well as the patient. There have also been some reports that animals especially dogs respond well to Feng Shui Quartz layouts.

I personally feel that any new or experienced healer would benefit from using Feng Shui as a healing tool, even if just to use to create that perfect healing space buy using and aligning the five elements of Feng Shui; Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

There should be some knowledge of Feng Shui before you start using it for healing so I do recommend that you do some research and learning. There are many theories on how best to use Feng Shui for healing especially with other crystals, so do some experimenting until you find a way that is suitable for yourself. Remember each healing session is different, so don't be surprised if eventually you are using a Feng Shui Quartz Set in unique ways as you grow a connection with your crystals and your environment. Finally don't forget with a Feng Shui Quartz Set you not only have the power of Feng Shui but also the power of the Clear Quartz.

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