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Moonstone and the Supermoon

Chris Spowage moonstone Natural Healing Crystals supermoon

According to the scientists, there is going to be an unusually large moon on the night of the 14th of November 2016.  This means it's a great time to re-energise your Moonstone Crystals. Simply leave out your Moonstone Crystals to absorb the natural energies of the moon. Try to put them in the light of the moon and turn them every so often, turn them over, so every side gets a chance to be re-energised.

All we need now is to hope we have a clear sky to harness the energies of the unusually large moon, it's the biggest full moon in nearly seventy years!

To go along side this way of using the Moons energies to re-charge your Moonstone Crystals you could also if you have the opportunity, give them a wash. The best way of doing this is in a natural spring, giving them a gentle rub with your hands as the water washes over them.

Not many people have the luxury of access to a natural spring, so to work round this you could use a bottle of natural spring water. Do not use the waters that contain fruit flavouring, please read the labels because some are not as natural as you may think.

This technique of washing your Moonstones can also be used on any Natural Healing Crystals, but take care as some are very fragile for instance, Selenite and Amethyst Clusters.

Enjoy the event on the 14th of November and don't forget, if you need some Moonstone you can get it by clicking Buy Moonstone Now

The Supermoon

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