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Stay Cool This Summer With Crystals

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We have known for thousands of years the benefits and healing properties of using crystals can help achieve a healthier wellbeing in mind, body and spirit however did you know they can also help keep you cool in very hot conditions, well they can.

Picture this, it's in the height of summer and you are in bed helplessly trying to get to sleep. The windows are open but there seems to be no air. You have a fan whirring around with its hum in the background also not really helping. The bed covers are on the floor but you still can't get comfortable tossing and turning every few minutes.

You are now so awake that your mind is working overtime and you are hearing every little sound there is to be heard. You tell yourself over and over again just let me sleep. Turning over you look at the clock, watching and counting down hour by hour before you need to be up wishing for yourself to be able to just get a little bit of sleep before the new day starts.

All this brings about stress making your body work overtime physically and mentally when it should be resting. Also your body is struggling to maintain a stable temperature.

Yes we have all been there at sometime in our lives, so next time try the following and I think you will be quite surprised. Laying on your back place a piece of Blue Calcite, Clear Quartz, Selenite or a combination of any of them on your forehead, another on your chest, stomach and both thighs or knees. If you feel more comfortable using different areas of your body then please do so but I would recommend one on your forehead.

Then simply close your eyes and take a few deep breaths while trying to relax. In your mind ask for help from whoever you believe in whether it's a God, Angel, Spirit Guide or just a loved one it really does not matter who, the point is your are asking for help which puts your mind and body in the right position to be able to receive the healing energies of the crystals.

Blue Calcite, Clear Quartz and Selenite all have  the ability to bring calmness and relaxation in stressful times along with reducing skin temperature aiding your body to regulate its core temperature correctly.

Not all crystals cool, some actually generate heat so please make sure you have done your research before using natural healing crystals for any purpose.

Enjoy your summer and while you are here why not have a look at our whole range of natural healing crystals.

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