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Red Calcite Rough Healing Crystal

4 x Calcite Mix Set Rough Healing Crystals


A fantastic set of 4 different coloured Calcites. They make a great combination to work on your chakras, a must have for any crystal healer and this set makes for a great gift idea for a crystal healer or someone who just enjoys natural rough healing crystals.

Crystal Meanings For Red Calcite

In crystal healing and gemstone healing Red Calcite works extremely well with the base chakra clearing energy blocks and re-energising. Red Calcite stimulates the senses giving a new appreciation for physical experience. Its a crystal that calms and relieves fear. This is very helpful for those who worry a lot by calming the nerves. .It is an excellent grounding crystal and works well with Hematite, Smokey Quartz and Black Tourmaline.

Crystal Meanings For Blue Calcite

In crystal healing or gemstone healing Blue Calcite helps the development in ones own psychic capabilities. Blue Calcite is a great assistance for astral travel, brings stability to the mind, body and soul, exhilarating trust in yourself and enhances memory and is effective against laziness. Used in healing for stimulating metabolism, increases your immune system, stabilizes the heart rhythm and dissolves pain.

Crystal Meanings For Orange Calcite

In crystal healing and gemstone healing Orange Calcite is the crystal that is exceptionally helpful intellectually. It can alleviate emotional fear for example mental breakdown, downheartedness, rape and divorce. It is surprisingly advantageous for people who suffer with phobias. Orange Calcite reestablishes emotional stability for the mind and soul.

Crystal Meanings For Green Calcite

In crystal healing and gemstone healing Green Calcite refreshers the energy of the etheric body. It can help to cool the hot emotions such as anger bringing compassion to the forefront of your mind. Green Calcite can help you to attune to the Spirit of nature and the animals especially if used in meditation while outdoors.

Stone Information

Calcite is Calcium Carbonate and occurs in almost every environment worldwide. It occurs in a vibrant range of colours including orange, green, blue, white, citrine and red. This is a natural product so colour and shape may vary from that of the image. Average size: 4cm x 3cm x 2cm. Buy your Calcite Set from us today.

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