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The Exhell Years (Printed)

The Exhell Years (Printed)

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Based on an emotional true story about myself as a young boy who was sent away to a specialist boarding school in England, miles away from my home. After leaving my family and friends behind, I then suffered at the hands of my house master over several years. Struggling to cope throughout my childhood, I found comfort and support from the unlikely source of The Spirit World.

Eventually sticking up for myself, I escaped from my torturer's hands only to be left without my newly made family and friends once more. Such a story cannot fail to move, but does contain strong language and sexual scenes.

If you would like this book on your iphone or ipad then please purchase The Exhell Years (EPUB) This file type is for most devices but not the Kindle. If you wish to have it on your Kindle then please purchase The Exhell Years (MOBI). If you like the feel of a paper book in your hands then purchase The Exhell Years (Printed). For on your PC then purchase The Exhell Years (PDF) but you must have a PDF reader on your PC such as Adobe Reader for this to work.

 WARNING This book has strong language and sexual material. It is aimed at the adult market only. The crimes within this book have not been reported to the Police so in the eyes of the law this book is classed as fiction and even though people and place names have been changed all parties involved are innocent until proven otherwise by a court of law.

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A Must Read

This is a very interesting book to read,one that's written in all sincerity by Christopher Spowage. You can feel the emotion as the story unfolds.What a tremendous amount of courage it must of taken to write this & for anyone who may of suffered in similar circumstances,this book would most certainely help you,if only to give you that same courage Chris has shown. I look forward to reading your next book Chris.

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